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Initiate a Summons

Initiate a Summons

You may initiate a summons through one of the following methods:

  • Phone us at 718-930-4923
  • Fax us at 718-301-1771
  • Fill out and submit the form below (fax access is required).

Please note the following:

  • It is solely the plaintiff's responsibility to verify the address of the respondent. The address must include the correct zip code and an apartment number, if applicable. Verification of address is very important since failure of the respondent to appear before beth din will result in a niduy.
  • The address must be the respondent's residential home address. We do not send hazmanot to business addresses.
  • We will only summon to din torah residents of the metropolitan New York area.
  • Plaintiff will receive a notice by fax (which may be confirmed by email if summons was originally initated via the web form) specifying the date and time and location where the litigation will take place. Plaintiff must be vigilant and attentive to the date and time indicated in this notice sent by fax, so that the case proceeds to litigation. Moreover, if defendant chooses an earlier date, plaintiff will be notified and must be prepared to appear in court on the earlier date.
  • The plaintiff must appear in court on the appointed litigation date on time. If plaintiff does not show up within 15 minutes of the designated time, the case will be dismissed. 
  • Plaintiff should prepare a cogent case by making a lucid, specific, evidence-backed claim against the respondent; for example: a) how much money exactly do you believe respondent owes you; b) why? is this a breach of contract? injury? property damage or theft? c) if the facts of the case may be in dispute, be prepared to back up your claim with hard evidence such as signed documents and/or human witnesses. Witnesses who are relatives or nogea bedavar (have a stake in the outcome of the case) may not be trusted by beth din, as prescribed by halakha.
  • Plaintiff speaks first, laying down the claim in front of beth din and the other party. Respondent will then tell their version of the story and issue a rebuttal. Parties should not interrupt each other while speaking.

Summons Information

Please provide your contact information (plaintiff) and the residential home address of the person (respondent) you wish to summon to beth din.

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Plaint. Address:
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Plaint. State:
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